Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back in the Building!

So I'm finally back and feeling great!

Had an amazing time out on the West Coast - I definitely spent way too much money and time drinking wine, but what the hell, it's not everyday I get to sit in the middle of wine country and sip a glass of vino while the sun is going down.

But now I'm back and ready to get down to business.

My "tech" new year's resolution was to begin blogging more often...once or twice a month just isn't cutting it. The main problem has been lack of time. I've been blogging a lot over at the corporate blog:

That really eats up a ton of time each week.

But I'm in the process of hiring 1 - 2 interns, which will hopefully leave me with more time do other things.

Actually, that reminds me, if you know anybody looking for some part-time internship work please send them my way. I'd prefer a college student with some experience in finance/investing. They can e-mail me at HireMe at TickerHound dot com.

I'll be posting pics from my trip soon - along with a few posts about some of the crazy thoughts that have been racking my brain as of late.

Good to be back!

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