Thursday, January 24, 2008

The TickerHound Battle Station

Ok fine, it isn't a battle station, but we love our offices nonetheless. So, we figured we'd share some photos of our lovely office space with you today. If you're ever in lower Manhattan please let us know - we're only a couple of blocks off of St. Marks Place and are always up for a cup of coffee with other TickerHounds.

Silicon Alley

The view! Silicon Alley at its finest!

TickerHound conference room

The TickerHound conference room -- where all the planning for world domination (oops, I mean for creating a useful site) begins. :)

George Zhao Technology Guru

George, our technology guru, explaining the finer points of how the site works...go George!

TickerHound office

The WHOLE office!

Wayne Mulligan TickerHound

Wow, we do have some funny looking people working here ;)

We hope you've enjoyed our little tour of the TickerHound office...come back again soon!

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