Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feedback Forum

So I went to my first feedback forum last night - hosted by Jonah Keegan. The presenters were the co-founders of a new online dating site,

CupidsLab is hoping to take dating to a new level by empowering not only those who are looking to meet that special someone, but by also empowering the lesser known and drastically underappreciated "match maker" population. You all know you have a friend or two out there who has a certain knack for hooking two people up. (NOTE: my previous match maker extraordinaire did such a wonderful job that she ended up matching herself up with me! Good job baby!)

So CupidsLab is going to provide a tool set for empowering the match makers to help them do their "jobs" more effectively.

Last night we all met in a conference room with about 8 other technology entrepreneurs, marketers, journalists and even a VC to listen to some of the challenges CupidsLab is facing. Then everybody started to give feedback...and brainstorm...and give even more feedback.

It was, quite frankly, an AMAZING 3 hours.

You have to understand, I come from a background in traditional finance (brokerage, analysis, etc.) and it is such a rare thing to find people who genuinely want to help each other on Wall Street. Most of the time it's because they either want something immediately in return or because they're working some sort of shady angle.

In any case, last night was the complete opposite of that. We had a room packed with a group of fairly intelligent guys (I'd like to consider myself one of them) who wanted to do nothing more then sip a couple of beers, eat a slice of pizza and brainstorm about business. Not only did CupidsLab come out of it with great ideas and feedback, but it forced me to think through some of the issues I was having with TickerHound in some new ways.

I'll definitely be attending these in the future and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a genuine desire to help other entrepreneurs and learn more about this industry that we're in.

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