Thursday, November 29, 2007

Launching a Start-up is Hard Work...

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately I've been working my a$$ off on my latest venture,

It's hard work getting a new site off the ground!

I know that may seem obvious to most folks, and being that this is my ump-teenth start-up venture, you'd think I'd be better at it by now. But seriously, each and every time I've ever gotten up to the "2 weeks and counting" phase of a launch, I just get overwhelmed with the "detail work" that needs to get done.

Most people think you spec the app out, get it designed, get it built and then launch...very simple. But the reality of the situation is much, much different. The saying, "the devil's in the details" doesn't even begin to do this process justice. In the last 2 weeks alone I've had to do everything from tightening up the copy on the site's registration page to integrating the weekly newsletter with our e-mail service provider.

Not to mention having our developers try to catch all the last minute bugs, optimize SQL queries and load test the app...I've gotta say, I'm exhausted. I almost need a vacation after all this, which is obviously impossible considering the REAL work starts after the launch.

I'm planning on posting a bit more this weekend.

I really want to write the follow up post to my Wall Street Sales Strategies and I'm dying to weigh in on some of the Facebook Beacon news.

Hope everybody is doing well!

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