Monday, August 20, 2007

Welcome to my World

I've always done "corporate blogging" and while it was fun - it always had a purpose or agenda behind it. I never felt like I gained anything from doing it and therefore it was ineffective as both a creative outlet and as a "corporate communications platform".

So I said to "hell with it"...from now on, when I blog, I'm blogging for me and for me alone.

Well, obviously not "alone" - I do hope people read what I write and gain something from it.

I've been in the tech space since I was 15 years old - definitely not a "seasoned veteran" but I have my share of battle scars...

Did the whole 90's dot-bomb thing - started a web consultancy, raised money, went outta business...yeah, you know the story.

Then for some strange reason I decided to work on Wall Street - my timing couldn't have been worse. Trade center went down 2 days after I started and I was on the phone pitching people to open new stock trading accounts.

Wanna talk about beating you head against a wall?

But I did learn a thing or two about a thing or two. And I finally smartened up and went back to school.

Now, I'm a Columbia University graduate and instead of doing the "safe, smart thing" like my parents hoped, I'm back in tech business!

I'm grinding it out on a new start-up here in my hometown of New York City. I'm having the time of my life and I'm really enjoying this new wave of web based businesses cropping up. I really dislike the term "Web 2.0", especially when applied to social media, but for the sake of simplicity and continuity you'll hear me use the term quite often.

So that's my first post....most of my writing will have to do with technology, finance, the current state of hip hop music, my favorite adult actress of the moment and whatever else enters into my head at any given moment.

So I hope you read, enjoy, discuss and give me honest and candid feedback whenever possible.

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