Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Playboy Goes Social

Just saw a TechCrunch post about Playboy launching a social network - smart move Hef!

Here's why:

1. The way most adult content sites work is through a network model. They'll start with one site, build others and use them all to cross promote the other. It's what enables the smart companies to earn 30%+ margins and the dumb companies to earn under 10%.

Building a social network around a brand will allow Playboy to create a great funnel effect to their "pay for" services and sites.

2. On top of a reality show (which they already have) a social network is the next logical step for Playboy to hit the mainstream audience that might not otherwise get exposed to the Playboy brand or content. This is primarily due to the fact that as a paper magazine Playboy has lost a bit of its luster amongst the millions of online destinations that offer more raw, real and free content.

I think this puts them right back in the game.

3. They now have a HUGE talent pool to scout from.

Before, young girls aspiring to visual "deposits" in many a young man's "spank bank", had to submit photos and ID information directly to the magazine in order to be accepted for consideration.

Now they just post a few provocative profile pictures and their on their way!

To what? I don't know - as long as it's not my daughter or girlfriend I could care less.

All in all, well done Hef -- you've combined two of my favorite topics into one: Tech and Porn!

Gotta love a guy that can date 5 women at once while in his 80's.

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