Saturday, May 17, 2008

Got my visa for China!

Wow, I can't even begin to describe what kind of f*%kin' production it was to get this thing!

The first time I went to China all I had to do was show up at the consulate with my visa application and a passport - 4 days later, POOF my Visa appeared. But this time they're making people jump through hoops (almost literally) to get a Visa.

I show up on my first day and it's obviously more packed than usual due to the Olympics. So I waited for 4 and a half hours only to be told I need the following:

1. Copies of my plane tickets
2. Copies of my hotel confirmation so I can prove I have lodging when I'm there
3. Bank statement showing I have enough money to spend in China
4. A letter from my employer (or a business license if self-employed) stating I'm allowed to take vacation

I couldn't believe it!

My bank statement!?

A letter/business license!?

These people were out of their minds.

But, I did what I was told, came back later in the week and waited another few hours before handing in my "permission slips".

I guess all's well that ends flights, hotel and visa are all in order and on June 19th I'm heading back to China!

I wonder if I can reach out to some Beijing tech bloggers before I land...

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