Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The long overdue photos of my long overdue trip out to the West Coast.

Got to drink a ton of great wine, eat 2 tons of great food, hang out with my girl's family (amazing people, always a good time) and got to meet one of my social media heroes, Shel Israel.

So here are a few pics that hold a special place in my heart from my latest journey out west:

The Pier in Santa Barbara:

Baked Brie @ The Los Olivos Cafe (as seen in Sideways)

Roasted Veggies @ Los Olivos - it was only vegetables, but you have no idea how good this was!

Sea Bass with baby spinach @ Los Olivos

Drive home from Solvang - I wish it were summer, this New Yorker would've been laying in the middle of those vineyards downing a bottle of vino.

Jumbo Prawns @ McCormick & Schmick's

Blackened Fish Tacos @ McCormick's - 10 out of 10!

My love and I at McCormick's - amazing place, I highly recommend it. Looking out over the bay during a nice lunch...nothing beats it.

Yeah, now we're about to get New York Beast-Status on this Ghirardelli Hot fudge Brownie Sunday...you know how we do.

That was gone in about 37.5 seconds...

And now I'm paying for it dearly - it's a terrible feeling when you have to drop a notch on your belt because it's too tight. But oh well, the pictures have certainly made me feel much better.

California - see you soon!

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